Configuring your Spam Filter(s), Greylisting

This tutorial shows you how to edit your spam filtering settings.
This setting is only accessible via the online interface of your email server, NOT in Outlook or other clients.

Accessing your email via webmail interface

You can access your email server anytime from any computer with an Internet connection via a web browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, Opera, or Safari. The address is always http://mail.(
A hint: if go to your homepage and replace the www in the web addressbar with mail. you will easily get there.
Username will be your full email address, the password will be the one we sent you when you set up your email.

Please be aware not to store any passwords on public or shared computers.
Close the web browser at the end of the session.


  1. Enter your SmarterMail with your email address and password
  2. Under Settings choose 'My Settings' .
  3. Your 'Bypass Greylisting' button should be unchecked
    About Greylisting:
    In the never ending battle between Spammers and Email Providers, Greylisting has proven to be one of the most efficient methods to reduce Spam. Greylisting keeps incoming messages on hold for about fourteen minutes and forces the sending email server to resend the message. Resent messages are being
    forwarded to your inbox and the sender added to a whitelist. Since spammers usually do not use legal and properly configured email servers, their resending does not happen and the spam message does not reach your mailbox. Incoming mail can sometimes be delayed.
    Caution: Enabling 'Bypass Greylisting' leads to far more spam.
  4. Additional Spam rules can be added under 'My Spam Filtering'
  5. Since the email server relies on Greylisting, further Spam Filters are set to 'no action'.
  6. By enabling 'Override spam settings for this account' several actions can be established that determine
    what to do with suspicious messages.
  7. It is recommended to manually add known senders to the 'Trusted Senders' list

    Trusted Senders are being excluded from Greylisting and spam filtering.
  8. Please remember to save all your changes

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