Having an internet presence makes your identity public and attracts more than potential customers. Being an attorney makes some people see you as a cash cow. Add these things together and you get a sense that you might be spending more than needed – just because of your profession.

We are happy to share with you products and trends we come across that can make a difference in the wallet – apart from all the scams that we cover in separate posts.

Waste #1: Exchange servers
If your firm is relying on Microsoft Exchange, consider switching to Google Apps. Apart from being a bargain for $50/year per user you get access to many applications and a document storage that you can share with whomever you like. All you need is internet access — you basically fire your IT company.

Waste #2: Hosting with Lawyer Directories:
If your website has been built with XXXXX or XXXXXX, you might want to do a reality check: am I really getting as much out of these listings as I was promised? We received a letter from a lawyer in Alabama, who decided to move away from his premium priced lawyer directory. As a result, he saved $30,000 annually.

Waste #3: Monthly SEO work
Unless you are constantly changing your website, this does not make sense. A well optimized site will grow in ranking, you may collect valuable back-links though. Better spend your money in social media presence.

Waste #4: Mobile apps
A mobile friendly website is a must these days – especially when we consider the multitude of different devices with different screen sizes. But who wants to install an app so they can look at what you are offering?