Website Costs – Fact Check

How do you feel about your annual website costs?

Many attorneys trust the established lawyer directories and their website services.
Being listed there seems a logical thing to do.

Website maintenance costsReally?

Let’s take a fresh look.

  • How much do you spend per year?

    We are sure that your hosting company is charging too much. If you are hosting with one of the established lawyer directories, you are probably paying more than $100 per month, sometimes even $800.
    Compare to our low yearly rate of $150-$200 and save more than $xxxx/year.

  • Does your site attract new clients?

    Do you know how many visitors find your site? If you cannot be found on Google — why have a website?
    We help you to get a good listing that returns your website investment fast.

  • Do visitors stay on your site or do they turn to your competitor?

    If you don’t catch your visitors’ attention, they leave within seconds.
    Let us help you keep their attention and turn prospects into clients.

  • Is updating your website content easy?

    It you want to change content yourself, we offer editable websites. It is as simple as WORD and easy to learn.
    If you want us to change your website content,  we perform changes within hours. Small changes are free.

  • Does your provider prevent you from change by using a in-house website system?

    In-house content management systems make it difficult for you to change once you and your provider get out of the honeymoon phase.

I highly recommend  They provide quality service, are very accessible, and we saved more than $1,400 annually since we switched to
Since they optimized our website, traffic and customers have increased by 20%.

Nicole A. Murad Rothstein, Boulder CO


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