Don’t Miss out on the Free Stuff!

Here is a reminder of what we do for you when you host with us…

  • We manage your Google Business Listing
  • We check your Search Engine Ranking
  • We alert you when it’s time to act
  • We monitor your traffic
  • We manage your domain name
  • We check your website speed (and tweak)
  • We fend off hackers
  • We constantly look for improvements in technology

Why this reminder?

It’s a jungle out there. We ourselves are being bombarded with phone calls about our Google Business Listing (it’s complete), errors on our website (it’s ok), a lack of speed (it’s an A). Frequently, we are receiving letters in the mail from domain registrars who warn us that our domain is expiring. Their offer is to renew it safely for only $60 (our pricing is less than $13). Some clients have been scammed.

What is actually recommendable?

In its ever-evolving task to make the internet a better place, Google is now suggesting to use a security certificate. A security certificate (SSL) for encrypted transfer used to be required for websites that process financial transactions. Now, due to Google’s initiative for a safer web, it is coming to standard websites. While we did not see a significant effect on Search Engine ranking, here is the visual difference – see for yourself:

The standard connection now displays in Google Chrome with an exclamation mark:

The https version shows a green lock:

The https connection is definitely a part of the future and we recommend it. Email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail will be more happy with a “real” SSL.

What else is important?

If you haven’t upgraded to a mobile-friendly site yet, it is high time. We have prepared several special upgrade offers for our clients. Modern, fast loading sites are available.

Please call us at 800.929.5439 ext 1 to speak with Matt about your options.