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Our Story

Back in 2005, founder Matt Schaefer noticed that lawyers and attorneys pay about five times as much for a website as usual web design clients. There was no way for attorneys to go public with affordable lawyer websites. He was amazed to see that many law firms paid thousands to web designers and for directory listings without even being found on Google and other search engines. Some attorneys reported to him that there was no transparency in billing and services offered by their providers. Many of them were waiting weeks for small changes done to their lawyer website. Most of them felt simply ignored by their web services provider.

Examining the services these lawyers received, he noticed that some monthly-billed services were exceeding the industry-standard about ten times – combined with lousy services.

Idea: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Established Law Directory Firms

Seeing this extraordinary price hike Matt decided to create a web design service for small law firms and solo practitioners. He built up a team of savvy designers and technicians who know how to offer the best value possible and who knows what they are talking about. The concept of affordable lawyer websites was created.

We Serve Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners

Affordable Lawyer WebsitesWe have examined the costs of web design services for attorneys and found many of them overpriced and not suitable for small law firms. A price tag of $5,000 – $10,000 might be industry standard, but extremely high compared with other industries. This typically does not cover recurring monthly or annual costs.

At affordable lawyer websites are our passion – after ten years in business, we stick to our promises:

  • An attractive web presence with all of the features that a small law firm needs still runs less than $1000
  • You will receive a custom design for a template price
  • Talking to our staff you will never ask yourself if you are “talking to a car dealer” (a lawyer’s complaint about a big lawyer directory)
  • We will never sell you features you do not need
  • You will be found on search engines within days
  • All our packages and bundles include Business listings on Google
  • All our packages and bundles include on-site search engine optimization

If you are a solo practitioner or own a small law firm – give us a call. Our 30 minute consultation for affordable lawyer websites is free and without obligation.

How Much Does a Lawyer Website Cost?

Get More Service for Less: Learn What’s Included

We invite you to compare our services with that of your current provider. See our designs and talk to us about your chance to get more service for less. Do you like the one of a competitor more? No problem, we build what you like!

We Take Care of All Technical Aspects, You Focus On Your Practice

Operating a successful website comes with challenges, must do’s and must have’s.

  • Annual Hosting: $240 per site, including SSL Security Certificate .
  • Maintenance includes technical updates, troubleshooting.
  • 60 minutes of content changes annually.
  • Check rankings regularly: When was the last time you checked your website ranking?
  • Malware scanning: How about checking and maintaining website security? Included!
  • Optimized Website Speed: Does your website have an “A” speed ranking like our sites or less? Ours do.
  • Google Business Listing: Are you aware of reviews listed about you? We help you.
  • Statistics and Analytics: Do you know the percentage of mobile users of your site? Ask us.
  • Blacklisting: Did you ever list check whether your IP address is blacklisted? How would you know if your website was hacked and Google turns visitors away? Ask us.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Stuff happens. We know when and take action. 

We take care.

All of this is included in our annual packages. No extra charge.

I'm saving over $30,000.00 this year: How I got my website back

“I’m embarrassed to say how much I was paying XXX* for ever shrinking results. Once I became aware of the money I was wasting, I became aware of the OTHER problems: How do I get my website and domain away from XXX*?

How do I convert my firm website from the XXX* web platform to a real website?

After searching blogs and trying to talk to various SEO and Website developers who work with lawyer web marketing I was surprised at how hard it is to get a timely response from any of them. I contacted many. Some only wanted to talk by email. When I could actually get others to call me on the phone, selling was their priority, but follow-up was hard to come by. Most were slow to respond.


Call-Back Within an Hour, All Questions Answered

Except one. Matt at responded to my initial email within an hour. Then he took almost an hour to talk to me and patiently answered ALL my questions. I got a good feel for how I was trapped with XXX*. Then he was able to recreate and vastly improve on my XXX* website.

A few weeks later, helped me gain control over my domain from XXX*.

I was worried that the switch from XXX* would cause a long drop in search engine page ranking and fewer clients. The opposite happened. I currently have eighteen Google first page listings for important search terms!

My website is It is attractive, clean and modern. New clients often remark on how nice my website looks as compared with my competition.


Costs Are Down, Profit Is Up.

Today my web marketing is cost efficient and effective. My profit margins are up and my page ranking is far better than with XXX*. I’m saving over $30,000.00 this year on web marketing.”

*Lawyer directory name removed by AWebsiteForLawyers

Brent W. Davis
Birmingham, Alabama

You Got Me Interested. Can You Take Care of My Site?