Law Firm Marketing: More Traffic to Your Site

We make sure that your customers will find you


With the huge amount of lawyer websites on the Internet – how will you direct potential clients to your site? offers three different services:


Yes you can! Your website can be listed on Google within a few days after going online.
Our ‘Call Google’ is a tool that is included in all our packages. It reduces the time until Google indexes your site to a minimum, making your site’s content more readable for all search engines. A must have for new websites and a good to have for existing sites. Read more


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Fine tuning  your site for a high ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask
Having a beautiful website doesn’t mean that your site is gaining any traffic. You need to be found, which means that your web designer needs to know what your potential customers are looking for and how to code the site in a way that search engines recognize the importance of the content. At we create websites that are optimized so that your prospects can find you.

Great work!

The site looks very nice. Five days after launching I am on the first page locally, that’s pretty good!!! Great work. Thanks!

Attorney Edward N. Marasi

Many of our clients report being listed in the top 30 of Google, some even in the top 10. If you already own a website let us give you a free report of your listing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and As.

Our specialists include a number of components to make your web site more visible on the Internet so your website can be more successful. Read more


Adwords – the other way:

Creating and managing your Adwords account – our way, not Google’s way.
Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management is different. If you have ever tried Google Adwords, you might have noticed that although it looks pretty easy to set up, you can end up with less success than expected. We are specialized in creating campaigns on major search engines that target more niche keywords than anybody else – keywords that cost less per visitor, and bring more click through rate. According to your monthly budget, you only pay for people who visit your site. We use specific search terms, exclude others and target visitors of your area (if desired).  The success of your investment is reported and controlled by a free superior analytics and optimization tool. Read more…