Google Adwords (Ads) Management

Pay Per Click: Advertise on Google (and others)

Google made a game changer in 2000 when it launched Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads. Advertisers get the needed tools to launch and equally use paid search campaigns. For Agencies, Google’s MCC (My Client Center or Manager Account) maintains many accounts.

How does Google Adwords work?

It’s simply paid search versus organic search. With Google pay-per-click (PPC), you can manage paid search to display ads on top of organic, non-paid listings. Now, Google search results or display search show your paid ads, thanks to the Google partner network.

Great for new websites

New websites usually do not achieve a good position immediately. In fact, Google does not assign any ranking (= importance) to them for three months. Until a new website climbs up to the top of search engines, website publishers are left with the option of advertising on Google Adwords and other search engines.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click /Pay For Placement campaigns show ads of your law firm in the major search engines. You assign a monthly budget and pay only for those visitors who reach your site by clicking on your ad. Advertisements stop according to your budget’s limit. is specialized in creating and monitoring these campaigns for you, setting daily and monthly budgets:

We target potential customers and send you weekly reports of your success. Advertisements can appear in Google, Yahoo or Bing and in their partner sites AOL, Ask, Netscape, EarthLink, AltaVista, InfoSpace and many more. It can be increased or terminated at any time.

Reasons You Need Paid Search

Track your ROI

Online marketing makes return on investment worth it. Back in the days of traditional marketing and advertising – TV and billboards, we spent on ad spend and produced so much content. Yet, none of it could be tracked and it had us wait forever. It was often great to receive calls but we could never associate these calls with any of our campaigns. Could it be this? Or that?

But the good news is this – we’ve waved those days goodbye as we can now track our success, thanks to online marketing. This is one of its very huge perks. Likewise, online marketing is measurable and attainable. You can make changes when necessary even if it included correcting wrong links. Also, you can reduce budgets or even double spend when the market push is seasonal.

With pay-per-click, you get a flexible and realistic tactic for targeting and measuring your online advertising. In fact, you can easily create new campaigns when the need for something significant pops up. Simply target, track, measure, and repeat!

Free reporting of your website traffic

In addition, we install analytic software on your site FOR FREE: A reporting tool that shows you where your visitors are coming from (geographic and website referral), where they leave your site, what keywords they were searching for; and much more.

These facts help us to refine your campaigns and your site. Drop us a line to learn more…


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