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  • 6 – 8 headlines per month, automatically updated
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  • Seamless implementation: font and color match your website style
  • Your choice of full width, half page or sidebar – custom versions available
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  • New: Selected news articles are being added to your blog (if technically possible), enhancing your Google visibility.

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Why Show Immigration News?

Show that you are up to date!

Potential clients visiting your site will see the latest immigration news headlines – this will show your visitors that you and your website are up to date regarding the latest implementations of the U.S. Immigration Law. This way you will attract more visitors and keep your existing clients informed. A six-months free trial is included in some of our website packages.

Inform your visitors

Potential clients come for your site for information. Show that you have it, without moving a finger.

Free custom design matching your site

We match our immigration news to the design of your website – width, font, background color to your site and make sure that it fits in seamlessly. The plugin can also be designed to stand out with a frame and different text or background color (see right image).

Automatic. You don’t have to move a finger

You don’t have to do anything to have the latest immigration news displayed. The results of our daily screening of immigration news and the related headlines appear in a box that fits in many sidebars. The number of news headlines displayed varies with the amount and quality of news – usually between four and six headlines per month.

News displayed are purely factual, not expressing any personal opinions

The displayed headlines link to official sources like USCIS, Department of State as well as to top-rated news agencies like Associated Press.

We make sure that the news is free of law firm advertisements.

Several versions are available:

Our plugin is available for sidebars on common websites

  • approximately 200px/420px with five to seven headlines (size and design will be customized)
  • 230px/275px with three to five headlines  for websites built on WordPress, Joomla or other modern CMS

Special versions are also available for placement within the content block

  • approximately 450px/350px with five to seven headlines (size and design will be customized)
  • approximately 450px/250px with three to five headlines (size and design will be customized)

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