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Depending on your business,  a website redesign should happen every 3 to 5 years. Utilizing Google Analytics is one of the most important criteria for when it’s time to act:

Outdated websites typically show less user interaction, also less returning visitors. Nothing turns users more away than an outdated design, awkward navigation, and mobile unfriendly technology!

Trouble is: most business owners do not look at the website statistics or even understand them. Unfortunately, with that lack of knowledge about the complexity of web development comes also a lack of understanding how to choose a new web developer:

Why spend several thousand dollars for the website redesign when it’s available for far less in India or Pakistan?

The answer is simple: because your business depends on it.

Website Redesign

Attorney Website Redesign:
Here is how AWebsiteForLawyers handles it:

We monitor our client websites for traffic and conversion constantly. The insights about how your website is being found, what brings you the most business, and what not to do is valuable  information that grows over time. In order to learn from Analytics, the same account should continue recording traffic before and after essential changes.

Our automated website scanning system detects errors and rankings. So when it comes to website redesign, we already know the weak and strong spots of your current system and know how to address them.

Technical aspects include website speed, ranking, page download size, eliminating page not found errors, secure connections, the correct page titles and descriptions, and so much more…

404 “Page not found” error pages costs you ranking

One of the most overlooked aspects is the increase of the so-called 404 error messages – which relates to old links such as pages, product pages or blog entries not being properly redirected on the new website. Part of the website redesign job is monitoring the increase of those errors and putting redirects in place that satisfy Google and the users.

All those details are essential for being found and maintaining or increasing your website presence after a redesign. We regularly notice that low-cost developers rather focus of delivering a pleasant design than going the extra mile and making sure that the site performs.

Feel free to contact us to chat about your redesign plans. With over 15 years in business we can give you very valuable input.

Drop in ranking after redesign

Typical drop in ranking after not well planned redesign

Drop in ranking after redesign

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