SEO Scams and Spams: “Get to the top of Google”

“Get to the top of Google (and become rich)” – offers

If you own a domain or a website, your contact information is usually available to everyone. Although you need to be available to potential clients contacting you, the same channel is being used by telemarketers and spammers.

Conclusion: Do not display your email address on your website

If you display your email address on your website, spammers and marketers will not hesitate to send you solicitation emails, even share your email address with other marketers. Displaying the simple email link is an invitation to send spam to you! Even simple submission forms are vulnerable to solicitations.

Offer: “Dominate the competition”

Apart from Viagra offers, you will receive offers to optimize your website, so you can “dominate the competition”. Strangely enough, these emails are being sent to you even if you already have several #1 listing on Google. In other words – do not think that you have been selected by a miracle company that offers you (and only you) the silver bullet. Most likely the sender never had a look at your site or even checked its listing.

Since 2010 used captcha protected submission forms to avoid spam.