Internet Listing is a free service you should not pay for!

Some companies offer annual website search engine listings: for an annual fee they submit your website to a certain amount (usually 25 or more) of important or established search engines.

In order to understand how much (or little) sense this offer makes, let’s have a look at the search engine market share.

According to internet research company Netmarketshare, the percentage is as follows:

Google – Global    82.80%
Yahoo – Global    6.42%
Baidu (China)   4.89%
Bing    3.91%
Ask – Global    0.52%
AOL – Global    0.39%
Excite – Global    0.03%
Lycos – Global    0.01%
AltaVista – Global    0.01%

Since Google, Yahoo and Bing find your site after a few weeks without submission and keep you in their index, ask yourself:

Why would you pay annually for a submission to search engines?