Trademark the name of your law firm

  • Anybody can trademark the name of your law firm. Do it before someone else does it.
  • Contact your Secretary of State – it is usually just $10 for several years.

Some bars require approval of new or even changed websites

  • If you are a bar member and wish to publish a website, inquire whether your bar wants to approve a new website or even changes on your existing site.
  • Some bars charge their members an approval fee and a high fine if these regulations are not met.

Internet customers are different!

  • Respond fast once you receive a request from your website:
    Internet customers are used to quick responses. Don’t wait until the next day.
  • Be clear about value and pricing of your services. You often compete with law firms advertising ‘K1/K3 Attorneys $200’. Often enough potential clients try to get telephone consultations for free. Ask us for some samples.
  • Beginners only: offering free initial consultation can help in getting your first clients. Once your name has become known, switch to a fee for initial consultations.

Be visible and available

  • Have your website listed in local directories
    There are tons of directories out there, most of them free, but with an option for paid  ‘premium listings’. Only if your traffic reports show that you actually get traffic from that listing, consider the ‘premium listing’ — not before. If in doubt, call us.
  • Consider digital phone services. Paying for long distance service is not needed anymore.
  • Consider a Toll Free 800 number. Although many people do not pay anymore for long distance calls, it still sends a message of professionalism.

Beware of…

  • Domain renewal scams. Stay with your domain registrar. If you have paid your domain with one registrar,
    nobody else can charge you for renewing. Usually those letters have the word ‘solicitation – not an invoice’ in it.
  • Invitations to be listed in some world business directories. It sounds like big business, but usually ends up in a big scam.
  • Search Engine Optimization offers: Remember that we take care of the search engines for you. None of the agencies that have a “suggestion for optimizing your site” has checked your site’s position.
    Offers to optimize your site often end up in charges without better listings.